All programs require adequate funding to launch.

    With BE as your fiscal sponsor you're able to apply for federal, state and private donations

    to help support your mission.


    As a fiscal sponsor we offer tax exempt status to accept grant funds on your behalf, with no monthly fees and low administration rates to ensure your funding goes to your program and growing your organization.

    fiscal sponsor grant management be meditation group

    Grant Management


    • Nonprofit grant application assistance
    • Grant contract review
    • Grant reporting assistance
    • Contractor/ Payee set-up
    • Financial reporting prep
    fiscal sponsor tax and accounting services be meditation group

    Tax Accounting & Compliance


    • Execution of all fund accounting for grant programs
    • Federal and state tax reporting and filing
    • Year-end 1099 processing for grant contractors
    fiscal sponsor grant consulting services be meditation group

    Consulting Services


    • Deliverable evaluation and planning
    • Building grant partnerships
    • Budget planning
    • Program scheduling
    • On call general consulting as needed

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    Group meditation and mindfulness programs

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    Ancillary programs that

    promote awareness

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    Meditation research and

    funded studies

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    Community driven

    social justice work



    BE Meditation Group exists to promote meditation, mindfulness and awareness as we believe daily meditative practices promote compassion, kindness and facilitates positive inner change.


    In an effort to support and spread this message, BE operates as a fiscal sponsor for individuals, existing nonprofits and nonprofit start-ups. We provide accounting, grant management, administrative and operational guidance as needed to pursue the shared vision of expanding meditation and mindfulness as a regular practice.


    In achieving our goals and expanding our mission, we look to partner with and promote aligned causes and fellow humanitarian efforts.
















    R. Wolfe - Director for SEIU Early Education Training Center


    "I'm DELIGHTED to provide a reference for Stacey and the BE Meditation Group. I have had the pleasure of working with Stacey for the past two years as she provided fiscal sponsorship and account management services to SEIU (Services Employees International Union) related to several large grants that I'm managing. Throughout our association, I have found Stacey to be amazingly fast, organized, responsive, and detail-oriented. But maybe more importantly (or certainly more uniquely) she has been willing to teach me what I don't know about grants management and guide me in the development of processes and procedures to most efficiently oversee our grant activities and fiscal management.


    I am currently managing nearly $4 million in grant funds. I can honestly say that having Stacey reliably accessible to me and willing to respond quickly and consistently whenever I need her has made my job not only easier but more satisfying and less stressful. I recommend her enthusiastically and without reservation."


    M. Gibson - Executive Director of the Alameda County Emergency Medical Services Corps


    "The L.A. EMT training program is a two million dollar replication project modeled after the EMS Corps. This was a strenuous process, with several key parts, involving various funders, and Ms. Johnson was tasked with managing all of the budgeting, financial management and program logistics. In addition, Ms.Johnson manages the reporting and deliverables of The California Endowment grant, funding from Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas, and WIOA state funding. Stacey Johnson has been a great asset for the program, but on a personal note, she truly is a pleasant person to work with. She is highly effective and efficient and will take the initiative to solve any problems that might occur."


  • FAQ

    What does my fiscal sponsor do?

    The main job of BE is to manage specific grants and donations, made to a sponsored project, while compiling and submitting year-end tax reporting to the IRS for projects who are not yet incorporated. This is typically done for individuals and unincorporated organizations. Fiscally sponsored projects become a program of the fiscal sponsor in terms of tax reporting and compliance obligations.


    - The fiscal sponsor strives for an equitable balance between delegating full program responsibility to Project Leaders and the fiscal sponsor’s fiduciary responsibility and other obligations as the legal and ethically accountable organization through which the project operates.


    - The fiscal sponsor monitors all projects for appropriateness of expenditures and for fiscal solvency and routinely reviews project fund balances down to the level of individual grants.


    - The fiscal sponsor ensures that projects comply with financial and administrative requirements of grants and government contracts.


    - The fiscal sponsor expects Project Leaders to conduct the primary work of resource development, project management and project reporting.


    - The fiscal sponsor provides operational support, financial management, payment to vendors and contractors, compliance, including all accounts payable and accounts receivable functions.


    - BE also includes general consulting, as needed, for project questions and free promotion of your project and program on the BE website.


    While the execution of your vision, ownership of the project and reporting responsibilities of the project are yours, we act as part of your project’s or organization’s finance, development and operational team to help you succeed and meet your program objectives.

    *Best practices information provided by


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    How does the process work?

    As a small organization, we rely on you to be the face of your project and solicit funding from various sources. As your fiscal sponsor, the grant funder may ask for our federal tax ID, Board Member list, a copy of our 501(c)3 designation letter, or other documentation. All of these items can be processed on request and will be delivered within one to three business days.


    Because we our using our tax identification number (for exempt status) on the application, the applicant name on grant contracts will be BE Meditation Group. The Project Leader, or Project Director on these applications will be your name and your organization. We also provide your donors with custom acknowledgement letters for qualifying donations to ensure tax benefits.


    BE will review all proposals and grant reports seeking funding prior to submission deadlines to allow for adjustments and submission feedback as necessary. BE will check proposals for errors and omissions as it pertains to BE Meditation Group information. We can also offer modest recommendations on how we believe your application can best be approved.


    To get started, please fill out the contact form below. From there, you'll receive a follow-up email with an orientation guide and additional information.


    For any questions or grant assistance, BE is available during and outside of regular business hours. Emailing us is the fastest way to connect. Our office hours are generally between 9am and 6pm (PST). Please allow up to twenty-four hours for email correspondence.


    For any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out!




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